My Transformative Process

butterflyEarly in my year-long transformational Journey, I realized that I wanted to have a symbol of my process. I was struck by the clarity and beauty of this butterfly, and readily adopted it as a symbol for my transformation.

I began to speak of my process within the context of the life of a butterfly; observing that I was hungrily munching on personal growth chapters of my life, or noting that I then needed to rest within my cocoon to protect my newly transformed being,  or later boldly stating to the world (namely my community and circle of friends) that I had emerged from my cocoon, and was ready to show off my brilliant colors for the world to see.

As often happens for me during intense periods of growth, I have gone through several iterations of hungrily gathering nutrients, then resting (and transforming) within the protection of my cocoon, later emerging despite vulnerably wet wings, and then confidently spreading my wings to fly.

Vision Statement 2015

Vision Spiral – My Growth Edges in the Beginning of 2015

In my experience, growth has not been a linear process; it moves and flows in a spiral-type fashion. I view this process positively, as a reaffirming of the values to which I have committed. The strings of lessons fold onto one another and stitch themselves into the fabric of my being.

Continuing the Journey

Following my first year of profound transformation, I still experience ongoing developments and shifts as I continue along a life I love.