Make Magic Happen

Do you believe in Magic?

golden eggRemember when we reveled in delight by that which what we could not explain? With a child’s eyes, we opened to the magic of the world – the butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon, the tadpole growing legs and evolving into a frog, the appearance of a rainbow through the droplets of rain as the sun emerged.

This sense of wonder tends to dissipate as we grow older, yet the wonders of nature, of the universe, of life, do not cease to exist. It is only our perspective that has changed. Many of us have lost that childlike innocence of experiencing new each day that which we see, hear, feel, smell or touch.

Client Testimonial:

unfurling“I so enjoyed working with Jennifer as my coach. Our sessions took place right before I left one community to move to another state and another community, so I wanted help in getting ready for that transition. Her unique ability to sense things in a non-linear way was really helpful in working with my very logical way of seeing things.

Jennifer made sure I knew I was in charge of the sessions — a little daunting, since I was hoping (childishly) for someone who had ALL the answers and would tell me what to do. But together, we found ways to make their discovery part of my life’s path. I really enjoy Jennifer personally and find her easy to talk with. I think she’s a natural at coaching.” – RKA

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