Discover Yourself

Life is a Journey, not a Destination

heart shaped bowSelf Discovery is a wonderful Journey. There are many tools and techniques to help you get there, and through coaching, we explore and expand upon those that support you best.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Life Poetry provides you with tailored support for self discovery.



Leaves!Some Tools and Techniques that we may use include:

  • PIES model:  Deepen your awareness of the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of yourself to support living a life that you truly desire. These four crucial aspects work together to create the wholeness that is you, and getting them into alignment with each other allows you to connect with the richness of your true potential.
  • Parts Work: Within each of us are many voices, each celebrating a need that longs to be held. By witnessing and honoring each of these needs, we can pay attention to them and integrate and honor them into our life choices.
  • Centering: Some people find their connection to self through their body, others through their mind, while others find the heart to be their window to themselves. Knowing the approach to your essential self helps you develop a strong intuitive sense of what is needed at any given moment in time.
  • Shadow Exploration: For every element of ourselves that we accept and celebrate is a corresponding element that we shun and scorn. The inevitable energy loss from hiding aspects of ourselves from others and within can create barriers to achieving what we really want in life. Embracing our shadow allows us to move forward with all of us, without sabotaging our efforts in the process.


Client Testimonial:

“I was serendipitously blessed with 1-on-1 counseling with Jennifer Martin of Life Poetry Coaching. We spent about an hour a week for 6 weeks exploring together the current conditions of my life (our time together was spent over the telephone as well as face-to-face).

cattail pondMy life was in a dark place with lots of challenges:  kicking-off a move to a new community, my eldest leaving the nest, professional challenges, marital challenges, seasonal depression…. At my core, I was stewing in a paralyzing broth of:  fear, shame and sadness.   With skilled compassion and gentleness, Jennifer encouraged me to welcome the fear, the shame and the sadness.  She helped me to invite my discomfort, out of the shadows and explore with curiosity.

I was in control of my process.  Yet it was reassuring all the while, to have a skilled sherpa by my side – guiding and encouraging my footfalls — as I scaled the mountains of my personal work. In her own sacred way – Jennifer witnessed me – and reflected what I shared.  She kept me from getting lost in story and focused on the heart of the matter….

At my request, Jennifer, gently and firmly pressed my boundaries – nudging me ever closer to the edges of my discomfort.  This was accomplished via dialogue as well as “homeworks” assigned to me between our sessions. I much appreciate Jennifer’s unique ability to hold coaching space without judgment — and with curiosity toward all of the possibilities.

I deeply value the time spent with Jennifer.  I am in a significantly better space – with a clarity of perspective that I had been lacking. Via coaching, I look forward to staying connected with Jennifer over the coming years as an ongoing self-care practice.” – FC