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canoeLet Jennifer help you Create a life you LOVE with Transformative Life Coaching.

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Create a life you LOVE – Package Rate

Get 5 months of coaching for $750. That’s just $150/month to create a life you LOVE!

What to expect:

In this five month transformative coaching package, each month we’ll meet twice (for an hour) or three times (for forty minutes) to focus on creating a life you LOVE.

  • Month 1 – Clarify your Values#Omega Flowers 08.08.08 - Copy

  • Month 2 – Identify your Purpose

  • Month 3 – Develop/Hone your Vision

  • Month 4 – Explore Possibilities

  • Month 5 – Engage your Destiny



Once you have completed this program, you will be crystal clear about how to Create a life you LOVE and you will have engaged in bold steps to start doing so!

Client Testimonial:

graden tools“The coaching sessions with Jennifer helped me put my life into perspective and bring some organization to all the things I have going on. I was able to identify some of the major important goals that I should be focusing more on and reduce time spent on things that don’t bring me closer to those goals. I think having this focus has been really useful in helping me use my time more wisely, but I’ve also been able to direct myself toward the things I have the most motivation for and that are most meaningful to me.

Jennifer did a good job of drawing out the information already bouncing around in my head and was able keep it all straight and skillfully reflect it back to me in a way that made the path forward clearer.  There were things I’d been putting off for a while and through the coaching sessions I began to prioritize my long term goals and start accomplishing what I’d been wanting to.” – Dan

Eager to go even further?

Manifest sustainability in all aspects of your life with EVOLOVE.

Once you have completed Month 3 of Jennifer’s Create a life you LOVE program, you are eligible to participate in EVOLOVE, a twelve month sustainable lifestyle manifestation program. Through EVOLOVE, we build on the insights and clarity that you have gained through the foundational work from Create a life you LOVE to manifest transformative change in all aspects of your life.

joy and blissEVOLOVE expands upon the elements of pure coaching. Together, we embark on a journey of a lifetime for you to you will step fully into integrating sustainability into every aspect of your life. With twenty years of experience of integrating sustainability in my own life, I serve as your personal guide to sustainable transformation. EVOLOVE starts with you and is steered by what sustainable transformation you want to create in your life. This program is priced according to your income, to keep it affordable for you!