What is Life Poetry?

Life Poetry is a profound coaching relationship for Creating a Life You LOVE!

Life Poetry is Love.

Compassion lies at the start of our journey to transformation.

Life Poetry is Openness to opportunity.

Awareness supports choice in each and every moment.pink heart leaf

Life Poetry is Vulnerability.

Change can be scary, even when it’s an intentional choice.

Life Poetry is Embracing enthusiasm.

A positive, proactive mindset supports manifesting your destiny.

Life Poetry is !nspiration.

Inspiration is the spark that fuels transformation. What’s yours?


If you desire a new life for yourself,

orchidIf you are ready to step into a life-changing experience,

If you want the support of a helping hand,

Then join me on a Transformative Journey to Create a life you LOVE!

I offer a FREE two-hour no-obligation exploratory session, where we discuss the life you want to create and learn if we’re the right match to make magic together in your life.

Dive in! Schedule your free session with me today!


Client Testimonial:

blossoming“Thank you Jennifer for the loving presence that you offered while holding such a caring and curious space for me to explore myself. The sessions we shared together provided something that I hadn’t expected them to, but found tremendously valuable; a space that was just for me, that was witnessed and encouraged by another. You.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  With so much appreciation.” – Hassan Hall


Life Poetry offers transformative coaching solutions to get you on the path of a live you love.


Create a life you LOVE! : 5 monthslight becomes her

Create a life you LOVE! is a 5 month coaching program that provides the foundation and framework for creating a live you love.

Once you have completed this program, you will be crystal clear about how to Create a life you LOVE! and you will have engaged in bold steps to start doing so!


EVOLOVE : 12 months

EVOLOVE takes you even further with a 12 month sustainable lifestyle manifestation program that goes beyond traditional coaching to support holistic integration of a life you LOVE in every facet of your life.

cherries!Through EVOLOVE, we build on the insights and clarity that you have gained through the foundational work from Create a life you LOVE! to manifest sustainable transformative change in all aspects of your life.

EVOLOVE starts with you and is steered by the changes you want to make in your life. Once you have completed this program, you will be be living a life you love and can sustain, while embracing bold action and clear focus!


 Client Testimonial:

“Jennifer’s coaching provided a wonderful balance of allowing me to find my own wisdom and insight and guiding me with powerful questions and suggestions to go where I would not have gone on my own or where it would have taken me much longer to go on my own. I found her presence to be calming and invigorating. I felt safe being vulnerable with her.

beauty and graceJennifer’s coaching is effective and efficient and fun. I looked forward to our sessions and I am a very busy single mom and entrepreneur. As a parenting coach I am very picky about who I will go to for coaching. Jennifer is one of the best I’ve worked with for helping me not only understand but find powerful ways to move through the obstacles to my own financial and personal success.” – Kassandra Brown, parentcoaching.org